Have you ever imagined yourself at the head of a logistics empire? Of course, if you haven’t, you might still want to check out what the downloadable trains-themed Mashinky has to offer. Basically, logistics means the transport of goods and people across distances and the coordination thereof. From supply chain management to ferrying final products to their ultimate destinations, the chain that everything undergoes to get it “there” is known as the logistics industry. You could also call it transportation, but Mashinky takes a much deeper dive than that descriptor would entail.

How to Download Mashinky

The game by Jan Zelený can be downloaded from Steam. To start downloading click on the Download button located below the Mashinky review.

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There are also railway simulators: Train Simulator 2018 and 2019 and Train Sim World.

The Game Review

At its heart, Mashinky is a logistics or transportation simulation management game – but with a neat twist. Unlike the Railroad Tycoon series or other games, Mashinky is procedurally generated which means that each playthrough is its own thing. This also means that there is a ton of stuff to do in each game.

Focusing on trains and rail transport, Mashinky combines simulation elements with excellent, ambient graphics that do a great job of giving you detail and information at the same time. Tasked with building out your rail network, Mashinky largely turns over the controls of the company to you and it is up to the player to build the most profitable routes and stations possible. This is often easier said than done and Mashinky’s challenge is often as much in reading the market as it is in keeping everything under a tight budget.

Presented from an isometric view, the graphics are nothing to write home about but they do a good job nonetheless. The trains and stations are each presented in loving detail while the surrounding environment looks like something that would have been standard fare during the PlayStation 2 era. 

Sound, for its part, is also functionary and largely serves to convey the action going on in front of you but is, otherwise, unremarkable. The simulation elements of Mashinky do lack somewhat in the audio and visual departments, but they make up for it with the way the gameplay is structured and how players interact with the in-game world.

Taking its cues from board games and their unique way of constructing an internal logic, Mashinky operates by a rules system that is similar to a board game and helps players grasp the concepts of the game in a more concrete way than just letting them lose to build whatever.

When you factor in conditions such as building out the track, how much it will be used, what it will be used for, and all of the other factors that go into a simple set of tasks in Mashinky, the depth of the gameplay becomes readily apparent. A considered title, Mashinky is not what anyone would call a fast-paced game. Instead, it relishes its simulation aspects and invites the player to do the same.

Mashinky is a strategy game with trains brought to the fore. Download the game and become a transportation tycoon.
9 Total Score
Train Simulator 2019 Review Summary

  • Awesome train transportation simulation game with realistic rules and easy-to-grasp gameplay
  • Tons of details and options for the players to engage with
  • Procedurally-generated worlds mean an endless amount of gaming for players
  • Graphics and sound are somewhat basic
  • Simulation might not be for everyone - especially people who like open-ended gameplay
  • If you don’t like trains, you might struggle with this
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