Farming Simulator 16

Farming Simulator 16 is one of the many downloadable games which are currently available on the market that allow the players to manage their own agricultural business. The simulator lets you take care of your own farm, which means planting the crops, harvesting, selling the goods, and making money in the process. The latter, in turn, can be used for investment in the farm and its further development.

How to Download Farming Simulator 16

You can download this mobile game from Google Play. To start, click on the button which is available at the end of the review. You should also be interested in the successor of this farming sim, named Farming Simulator 18 (read our review). The family of these fantastic games from GIANTS Software is also big on desktop Windows-based computers. As of the time of writing the newest addition to their collection of hits is Farming Simulator 19.

What’s New

The game offers us the ability to breed animals such as sheep and cows and to produce food, which is created from the collected crops. First, of course, we need to sow the seeds of our plants – sugar beet, potatoes, corn, and wheat.

Farming Simulator 16, when compared to the previous installments of the series, gives us an additional feature – the ability to gather wood from the forests. We can achieve it by using special machinery designed for cutting trees and wood processing. The game is designed for mobile devices but can be also run on newer Windows versions. It’s been created with touch screens in minds.

Farming Simulator 16 – How to Play Tutorial

All the owners of this mobile game play as farmers who at the beginning own only a small humble farm. But as they progress into the game, the farm grows bigger and starts to bring substantial revenue. The road from rags to riches is, however, a long one and one that requires a lot of hard work.

It needs to be mentioned that in the case of this mobile game we have access to 50 licensed agricultural machines of different types. This means that we are able to control and drive such farm beasts as these created by Horsch, New Holland, or MAN and Lamborghini.

The chores the farm can be also completed by the hired people. We should know that Farming Simulator 16 introduces new types of crops so we can diversify our business. This certainly is a huge plus.

The world of your agricultural efforts is open and you can go anywhere without limits. In this farm game, we can do what we want and plan our business with complete freedom.

The successor to FS16 is Farming Simulator 18.

Farming Simulator 16
Farming Simulator 16 is downloadable mobile farm game which can be played also on newest Windows versions. Download it today and manage your own farm.
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