Farming Simulator 2013

Farming Simulator 2013 is a downloadable game – the fourth installment of the series of games about running your own farm. Once again, you play the role of a farmer, whose job is to sow and reap, take care of the animals and modernize the farm. The developers of the game, as in the case of its predecessors, is Giants Software. The creators in the 2013 version have introduced many new features and improvements. The title was released on October 25, 2012, and was available on PCs and, for the first time ever, on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

How to Download Farming Simulator 2013

You can download the game from the Steam platform. The game is paid.

What’s New

In the new game series, the heart of the gameplay is still, obviously, farm management. Your main goal is to make money and grow your farm. To achieve this, you will plow fields, fertilize crops, eliminate weeds, prepare the soil for sowing, sow, plant plants and look after farm animals. Any goods you produce will be sold on the local market. You then invest money in better equipment and agricultural machinery, which will significantly increase the quality of your work. The players have been given a number of agricultural machines such as plows, seeders, presses, mowers, combine harvesters, tractors, cultivators, and trailers.

Farming Simulator 2013 introduces a lot of new elements in the Giants Software series. In order to improve the realism in the game, the developers have given the players over 20 fully licensed machines, among which you will find such classics as Deutz Fahr, Maxtron, Dase or Amazone. The developers also remodeled the crops system, offering players something completely new. In this part of the series, your crops are exposed to diseases and natural disasters. New species of breeding animals have also been added – hens and sheep. There is also a possibility of constructing your own buildings. With the development of your farm, you also get the opportunity to buy more land that will meet your needs. The game also features the multiplayer mode. The game is mod-friendly. As with the previous games, many modifications have been made available.

History of the Farming Simulator Series

The first game in the series, Farming Simulator 2008, was released in the spring of 2008. Then there were Farming Simulator 2009, Farming Simulator 2011 and Farming Simulator 2013. Instead of dubbing the next game Farming Simulator 2015 Giants Software released it under the title of Farming Simulator 15.  The successor was called Farming Simulator 17. The naming system has been thus changed. At the same time, the mobile leg of the series is being developed, which naming has been unified from the beginning. These were Farming Simulator 12, Farming Simulator 114, Farming Simulator 16 and the latest Farming Simulator 18 and Farming Simulator 19.

The graphics of the Farming Simulator 2013 have also been improved – the textures and vehicle models now have more detail. A new large playing area has been implemented in the game, which is reminiscent of the southern German lands. The graphics engine offers nice light effects and shadows. The harvest in the August sun is probably the best in the series compared to its previous parts.

Farming Simulator is a very powerful brand in the market of farm games. The professionalism of the developers is apparent as they take care of every detail and buy licenses for the vehicles of well-known companies.

Farming Simulator 2013
Farming Simulator 2013 is an agricultural simulator from Giants Software that can now be downloaded in the premium version of Titanium Edition. Do it now.
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