Horror Movies

Halloween Kills


I thought that the 2018 Halloween was a lot of fun. Even though I enjoyed the majority of the sequels going into the 90s and even 00s, I thought the decision to make this a sequel to the 1979 movie ...

World War Z (film)


Action-horror films are rarely something authentic. They do almost always involve zombies, which are an extremely common horror cash-grab strategy. Spin-offs of popular characters in a zombified mode ...

Fantasy Island (2020 film)


What got me interested in the movie was the fact that it was being made by Blumhouse. So far, I have enjoyed the majority of the horror offerings from the good folks at Blumhouse and Fantasy Island ...

Annabelle Comes Home


The seventh addition to the Conjuring franchise is a middling, campy, and minimalistic entry. The Conjuring universe has had horror films of almost every quality, and Annabelle Comes Home is a good ...

The Purge: Election Year


Dystopian action films such as The Purge: Election Year have been rather divisive and overblown lately. It's a subgenre that's fairly been exploited, which happens with any genre alongside the ...

The Curse of La Llorona


Horror is a genre that doesn't always hit the right notes. It does have a more difficult mission than the regular blockbuster film, which is the burden of actually haunting its viewers. How long a ...

Don’t Breathe 2


I thought that the first Don't Breathe was a fantastic thrill-ride of a movie and that it was awesome Fade Alverez had a hand in the movie, even if directing duties were handled by first-time ...

Don’t Breathe


Released in 2016, Don't Breathe has Sam Raimi's fingerprints all over it and that was what originally got me interested in the movie. Written and directed by Fede Alverez who was responsible for the ...

Candyman (2021)


I am pretty much in on anything that Jordan Peele has his name attached to these days. Add to that the fact I am a huge fan of the original Candyman (and the 2nd movie to a lesser extent) so this was ...

Spiral: From the Book of Saw


It is kind of crazy to think that Spiral is the ninth movie in the Saw franchise! I thought that the last one, Jigsaw was a lot of fun so I was certainly down for more Saw action. The thing is, Chris ...