Turn-based Games

The Quest


The Quest is a really cool old school inspired RPG. This is the kind of game I looked at with envy back in the 90s when I had a SNES and my friend had a gaming PC. It is clearly a throwback to some ...

Panzer Corps 2


It is kind of crazy that it has taken nearly 20 years for a sequel to Panzer Corps to be a thing. Well, recently I was able to try out the game and see how it is shaping up. As I write this the game ...

Astra Exodus


Astra Exodus is a 4X strategy game and one that really did capture my attention. What makes this seem so cool is that it is clearly inspired by many of the classic strategy games from the 90s. Add to ...

Strategic Command World War I

Editor's choice Strategic-Command-World-War-I-01

I was super excited for Strategic Command: World War I as I loved the hex-based WWII era strategy game these guys put out about a year ago. For me, this is one of the December 2019 game releases that ...

Warlords I + II


I played the first Warlords game on my dad's Amiga all the way back in the early 90s. It was really the second game that grabbed me back in the day, but now you can get Warlords I & II in a ...

Unity of Command II

Editor's choice Unity-of-Command-II-05

Despite not spending any serious time with the original war/strategy classic, Unity of Command II was a game I knew that I had to check out. This is a game that is all about war and making tough ...