RPG Games



If you enjoy horror games then WORLD OF HORROR is a game for you. This is influenced by the work of legendary manga horror genius, Junji Ito. Add to this what they are refereeing to as 1-bit style ...

The Quest


The Quest is a really cool old school inspired RPG. This is the kind of game I looked at with envy back in the 90s when I had a SNES and my friend had a gaming PC. It is clearly a throwback to some ...

Dead or School


If you like 2D hack and slash RPG’s with a bit of Metroidvania thrown in for good measure, Dead or School is the game for you. Available for PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, this is a fun game ...

The Outer Worlds


Looking back on 2019, I would have to put The Outer Worlds on my top 10 games list. Obsidian really crafted something special here, something that is part RPG, part adventure game, part sci-fi epic ...

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


As a big fan of Dragon Ball Z, I was very excited to check out Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. This was actually one of my most wanted games of the early part of 2020. I have found that Dragon Ball games ...



I heard a rumor that every time someone compares Temtem to Pokémon that an angel gets its wings! Seriously, it is impossible and I mean impossible to talk about Temtem without comparing it to ...

Dark Elf Historia


Wow! Where the heck do I even start with a game like Dark Elf Historia? This is an erotic/sex/hentai and extremely NSFW kind of video game so keep that in mind before firing this up during your ...

Darksiders Genesis


As a huge fan of Darksiders, I was very disappointed when I heard that the next game in the series was going to be radically different. No longer was it a 3rd person Zelda style action-adventure ...

Gothic II: Night of the Raven


What we have with Gothic II: Night of the Raven is an expansion for the very popular Gothic II. One of the most impressive things about Night of the Raven is how much the developers listened to the ...

Disco Elysium


Let me start by saying I am sure that Disco Elysium is going to appear on many games of the year lists! This is a fantastic and incredibly well-made adventure/RPG/point-and-click style game that is ...