Horror Games

The Medium


The Medium is a third-person horror/adventure game developed by Bloober Team, available exclusively on the Xbox Series X and PC consoles. Over the past few years, Bloober Team has emerged as one of ...



A game series that needs no introduction, DOOM is as much a hallmark of classic gaming as it is a potent modern series. Yet the pivot from old to new wasn’t as smooth as the recent games would have ...

Amnesia: Rebirth


It is kind of crazy to think that Amnesia: Dark Descent is now a decade old! That game really was a massive hit with streamers back in the day. Amnesia: Rebirth takes place around 100 years after The ...

Silent Hill 4: The Room


Silent Hill 4: The Room was a very different approach to the series. Originally released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC in 2004. The game at the time got a mixed response, but it has built up ...



So far for me, Phasmophobia is the biggest surprise hit of 2020. I love scary games, movies and things that go bump in the night and Phasmophobia feels like it was made for me. Those who love movies ...

Chica Simulator


Full disclosure here folks, if it was not for my son who is 12 now, the whole Five Nights At Freddy’s thing would have passed me by. Because of him, I have gone down this deep rabbit hole of fan-made ...

Sally Face


I have to start by saying that Sally Face is a game that is not for everyone. I would advise that those only with an interest in horror and the stomach for some very gruesome stuff need check this ...

The Watson-Scott Test


Have you ever wondered about what really scares you? In The Watson-Scott Test, you not only find out more about your darkest fears, but you also explore them in some detail. How is this done? Why ...



It was the idea of Carrion that first drew me in. We have all played games where we hunt and kill a monster, but in Carrion, you are the monster! While it may look like a typical Metroidvania style ...

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha


It is fair to say that when the first Hello Neighbor was released no one expected it to become a franchise! As I write this, Hello Neighbor is currently in its alpha state on Steam. So, I thought it ...